1_gracie.jpgDr. Ingraham and his team did an amazing job with my smile. Everyone in his office is so nice and they made the whole experience enjoyable. My teeth look great and I am so happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Ingraham and staff for my new smile!
– Gracie Wernig

2_mary.jpgDr. Ingraham and his team are very professional friendly and always keeps his patients as his first priority.
– Mary Buhidar

3_austin.jpgI loved getting my braces done at Dr. Ingraham’s everyone there was so nice and helpful. They always explained everything and were willing to answer any questions. He also did my brothers and sisters braces and we all loved him!
– Austin Hays

4_noah.jpgI’ve been going here for years and cannot think of a single complaint. You can tell Dr. Ingraham genuinely cares about his patients and their oral well-being. All of the staff is very nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Ingraham to anyone!
– Noah Jasso

5_trace.jpgDr. Ingraham and his staff are wonderful. They have taken great care of all three of my children. Trace’s mouth was the biggest challenge out of all three and his results are beautiful! I want to thank you for the great work you did with Trace’s teeth. I could not be happier and recommend your office to anyone who asks.
– Trace Taylor/Amanda Taylor

6_stephanie.jpgWhen I got my braces off, as a freshman in high school, I knew Dr. Ingraham gave me a beautiful smile, but I didn’t realize at the time, how much I would value that smile later in my life. Knowing that I was confident in my smile made getting ready for special events like graduation, my wedding and family photos less stressful. I am grateful to have been a patient of Dr. Ingraham’s, and I will continue to cherish the smile he gave me for all the years to come.
– Stephanie Galloway

7_kye.jpgDr. Ingraham treats me like family and I can tell he cares deeply. His assistants have never hurt me and always ask about the level of pain. They explain how the gear works and I couldn’t ask for a better orthodontist or assistants.
– Kye Powell

8_andrew.jpgI always enjoyed my visits at Dr. Ingraham’s office because the technicians were always very respectful and cared about your progress. I also like how Dr. Ingraham’s office offered the points cards making you want to do all your care correctly, wear appliances and not break brackets. Those are just a few things that made my time at Dr. Ingraham’s office.
– Andrew Leeton

9_kayla.jpgDr. Ingraham and his team are extremely friendly and professional. There is such a warm and welcoming feeling when you enter the office. I have always been welcomed with a smile and someone is always ready and willing to assist me with any need I may have. I am very pleased with the care my daughter received from Dr. Ingraham and his team. Kayla went from a girl who would rarely smile to a confident young lady that smiles all the time.
– Kayla Canales/Gloria Canales

10_mia.jpgI absolutely love Dr. Ingraham’s office. Every visit I feel so welcomed. Not only is everyone so nice, but they make me feel like family. My smile is more beautiful than ever; every day I am grateful for Dr. Ingraham and his team for transforming my smile.
– Mia Vera

11_ashley.jpgI came to Dr. Ingraham’s office top prepare my teeth for jaw surgery. Dr. Ingraham and the staff were absolutely wonderful and always so friendly. I am so glad Dr. Ingraham was my orthodontist.
– Ashley Spencer

12_maegan.jpgOverall I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ingraham and his team. Throughout my time there Dr. Ingraham was always hosting drawings and giveaways, which encouraged me to participate with my orthodontics. Every time I went to an appointment Ingraham’s team was always very helpful and friendly. My time with Ingraham Orthodontics was definitely time well spent.
– Maegan Leeton

13_holly.jpgDr. Ingraham and his staff are top notch! As a dental hygienist, I know that I received top quality orthodontic care. The staff is always accommodating and friendly. Dr. Ingraham is extremely knowledgeable and full of passion for helping his patients achieve beautiful smiles.
– Holly Swierc

14_stephanie.jpgSome people say bad teeth are hereditary, true but, even more importantly are that one finds the best orthodontist to take care of those not so perfect teeth. My mother, Aunt and Uncle were his patients along with cousins. We could not go to anyone else for the perfect smile. Dr. Ingraham and his staff are the best!
– Stephanie Dawes