Incredible Kids’ Club

Corpus Christi's premier orthodontic practice is pleased to welcome you to the Incredible Kids’ Club, a fun and exciting club designed especially for patients in the observation stage of treatment.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child have their first orthodontic check-up by age 7. Your first visit with Dr. Ingraham is a complimentary examination and consultation. The best part is that by becoming our patient, you are automatically enrolled in...

Dr. Ingraham’s Incredible Kids’ Club!

The observation phase is an essential part of your child's orthodontic treatment plan. It allows Dr. Ingraham to:

  • Monitor your child’s development with 3-6 month examinations at no charge, which affords Dr. Ingraham the opportunity to develop a relationship with your child, enhancing patient cooperation as well as the ability to select the most timely treatment options to ensure an excellent orthodontic result.
  • Minimizes more extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age.
  • Intercepts any skeletal and dental abnormalities at an early age.

As a member of Dr. Ingraham’s Incredible Kids’ Club, your child will receive:

  • Incredible Membership – Incredible Kids’ Club Reward Card
  • Incredible Membership T-shirt – "Incredible Smile in Progress" membership T-shirt
  • Incredible Byte – Exclusive access to the Incredible Kids’ link on our website: play games, enter contests and more!
  • Incredible Mail – Special mailings from our office
  • Incredible Report – Your individualized report from Dr. Ingraham after each visit
  • Incredible Graduation – Special recognition and rewards when you graduate from the club and begin your orthodontic treatment
  • Incredible Prize Wheel – Spin to win at every appointment!

Why No Charge?

Because of the importance of these growth guidance examinations, Dr. Ingraham offers these visits at no cost!

If you’re interested in a complimentary consultation for your child, click here to request a new patient appointment!