Mighty Minnows

mighty-minnow.jpgIn order to become one of Dr. Ingraham’s Mighty Minnows, you have to be:

  • 3-6 years old
  • a family member of someone currently in treatment with Dr. Ingraham
  • a family member of someone who has completed treatment with Dr. Ingraham

Benefits of Might Minnows include:

  • Mighty Minnow T-shirt
  • Mighty Minnow Certificate of Membership
  • a birthday card each year from Dr. Ingraham and team
  • a complimentary first orthodontic exam and consultation at the age of 7, or earlier if needed

Once you reach age 7 and complete your complimentary first orthodontic exam, you will then graduate to Dr. Ingraham’s Incredible Kids’ Club! You will receive a new Incredible Kids’ Club T-shirt and Rewards Card, and your membership photo will be displayed in the office! Plus, Incredible Kids’ Club members are eligible to spin the wheel at every appointment for the chance to win a cool prize!